Kennedia Consulting is an agile development firm specialising in cutting edge web-based solutions, who se principle is Lachlan Laycock. Our team and strategic partners are backed by a wide array of cross-industry, cross-technical and cross-cultural experience. We offer a unique approach to solving your web-based requirements. Our expertise lie in web-based User Interface design and usability practices - essential ingredients for any web-based solution.



We build web-sites and iOS mobile apps that work. Our focus is on standards, high visibility, high quality, superb user experience and short development times. We always strive to keep solutions as simple as possible whilst maintaining these standards.

We happily operate in both Mac OSX and Unix environments and choose to use platforms like Ruby on Rails, or NodeJS for Unix/OSX and Objective-C of iOS Mobile development.




After having launched PrePlay with The 88, and later through Le 88, we're very excited to announce that Le 88 will be joining PrePlay and setting up their development center in Paris.